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Seabirds at Risk: Investigating a Novel Disease Outbreak


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Scientists have discovered that seabirds are contracting a new disease that is not caused by bacteria and viruses, but by microplastics that cause various infections in the digestive system of these birds.

The Journal of Hazardous Materials points out that these infections cause scarring and tissue deformation over time, which affects the growth and development of birds, their digestive system and, of course, their survival.

“Affected birds may appear healthy on the outside, but they actually have problems on the inside,” he says.

It is noteworthy that this is the first study in this area, during which scientists proved that eating plastic particles can cause serious damage to the digestive system of marine organisms.

It should be noted that the waters of the seas are now filled with plastic particles, and seabirds ingest floating debris because they think they are fish.

Alex Bond says: “We found these particles in organs such as the spleen and kidneys, which caused inflammation, fibrosis and complete loss of their structure.”

The researchers point out that these minutes were found in the thick-billed petrel. But the scale of plastic pollution in the seas scientists have discovered means the disease could be more widespread.

According to them, this discovery could also have implications for human health, especially after it became clear that a person swallows the equivalent of a plastic card a week.

Source: News. EN

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